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Build your community

Shopping is better when people care about the person on the other side of the counter. Support local Groupon Merchant Tablet merchants who are listening to your feedback.

Become the local expert

Groupon Merchant Tablet makes it easy for merchants to anticipate your needs and helps you find the coolest stuff in your city. Uncover local gems and become the neighborhood guru.

Be treated like a prized patron

Groupon Merchant Tablet helps local merchants remember your preferences and makes it easier for them to give you the royal treatment you deserve.


Marketing. Point of Sale. Payments.

Cultivate customer relationships

Groupon Merchant Tablet's contact management tools help you focus on building stronger ties with your customers that make you the Main Street mainstay.

Transform visitors
into regulars

Groupon Merchant Tablet connects you to Groupon's powerful platform and delivers customer insights. You can stay a step ahead of your customers' needs and delight them every time.

Swipe. Save. Repeat.

It takes money to run a small business. You make it, and you deserve to keep it. Groupon Merchant Tablet slashes payment processing fees and serves up knowledge on how to run your business even better.

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